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NVUS 2nd Sun Primer (December 2023)

Member Lessons @ NVUS
NVUS 2nd Sun Primer (December 2023)


1:15 pm - 1:45 pm


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Ono Offshore
4515 Daly Drive, Suite N, Chantilly, VA, 20151

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PSA: We are now meeting in person at Ono Brewing Company’s Offshore facility. Really hope to see you at Ono Offshore. Holiday Celebration time!

This year we will not have a “party” because of limited Society funds. We will have a primer (short lesson) then Jams. During the jams we will have giveaways like we do every year. No uke like before — lean year! After jams, join us for ala cart from Odd BBQ and beer from Ono’s. We’ll endeavor to get a corner set of tables. So, …

1:15 PM Primer @ Offshore
2:00 PM Jams @ Offshore (with giveaways)
4:15ish PM Ala Cart Social at main Ono’s

Description: This Society meeting is a primer for our Society’s beginners to advanced (yes, advanced can both help and potentially learn new things). It may sometimes seems daunting to the very novice, but hang in there. Lots of help is all around you. While Moses is the main instructor, Dave B. and a few others have volunteered as an assistant instructors.  They will sometimes lead lessons. Any one of the designated instructors may lead this Society meeting.  They’ll also help those attending this session practice the signature songs using the basic chords. It will start 45 min before any of our main scheduled meetings (e.g. 2nd Sunday NVUS Group Lessons or 4th Sunday NVUS Jams).

Suggested readings:

  • Lesson Package 01: at a minimum
  • Lesson Packages 02 and 03: these basically are the same as 01 but in the keys of F and G, respectively
  • Strums and Rhythms cheat sheets

General Agenda:

  • Scales: certainly C scale but may also cover scales in F and G.
  • Basic major and 7th chords: used many of the jams songs, but in all of our signature songs, and practice exercises.
  • Chorded Scales: In the key of C – C, G7, C, F, C5, F, G7, C representing the harmony (chords) for the notes sung as do, re, mi, fa, and so on
  • Harmonized Chorded Scales: In the key of C – C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim, C representing the harmony (chords) for the scale notes.

Other readings, pamphlets, cheat sheets on our website.

  • Ukulele Practice Finger Exercises (chromatic walks)
  • Blues Progression Cheat Sheet
  • Hawaiian Language Primer by Tonya Dale (NVUS has reprint permission by author)
  • Associated audio files in the Audio Catalog


RSVPs are closed for this event.

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  1. Bring your Christmas song books (v5.0 and v5.5/5.6). I’ll have a number of copies of v5.6. Remember v5.5/5.6 is a supplemental to v5.0.

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