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4th Sunday Monthly Jams and Songs (Summer)

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Date(s) - 10/28/2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Number of Attendees: 20

Cafe Montmartre



This is a regular monthly meeting; so, come one, come all — beginners, too. RSVP early or as soon as you know you can make it.

NVUS Song books are online in our file folders. These are arrangements specifically for NVUS use at jams and performances.

Jams format:

  1. Admin/Announcements: We will try to do admin (like go over uke fest and upcoming concerts, workshops, etc.) at the very beginning; and a reminder at the end.
  2. Society members led songs: Make sure you bring copies up to the front table that is reserved for the NVUS jam leader and sound lead. Minimum copies should be around 15 (~1 per table). Ideally, 1 per person. Optimally, 75% of those who RSVP’d. Remember to post your song to the Society files (“Monthly Jams Folder”).
  3. Signature songs: Will be played some time during the entire jams meeting. In general, you can count on Sweet Wahine being the last song we play. Since every one is warmed up and bashfulness tossed aside, should get more solo players, right?

Society Member Led Songs:

  • Know your song enough — this isn’t lessons but a jam session.  Also, you “CAN” just jump into a song, but a well led song has generally 3 parts: An Intro, The song, and the ending/outro.  Think about and give attending advanced and intermediate members a chance to solo in your song — if you’re comfortable with it.
  • Help your fellow members — announce the key, progression if you know it, strum if you can describe it (e.g. Calypso/Do Wop – DxDUxUDU, etc).
  • Help for You — There are always some brave Society members who would help, if you ask.  If you want back up (UBass, Fills/Breaks, Harmony singing), it would be nice for you to pre-coordinate — but ask the leads, they might be able to wing it that day.

NVUS Leaders/Teachers Led Songs:

  • Typically out of The Society song books — most common are Fox on the Run, Shady Grove, Molokai Slide, 5 foot 2, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, NVUS Banana Boat Song, My Little Grass Shack, and Under the Boardwalk, to name a few
  • Lesson Exercise Songs — could be any one of the songs used in group lessons. These are usually found in the NVUS Jams Catalog
  • Same as Society Member Led Songs — see above.

Key to jams — Keep it simple, simple, simple; and play, play, play — and most of all



Bookings are closed for this event.

Number of Attendees: 20

  • Larry and Linda Burke
  • Bob Gibson
  • Mary Kay Stine
  • Sandy O'Shea
  • Kevin Hearle
  • David Bartell
  • Tammy Fink
  • Mary Polydys
  • Jack Dale
  • Manuel Vera
  • Lynette
  • Donna Cozart
  • Annette Delgado
  • Brian Owsenek
  • Alan Cyr
  • Marjorie Holsing
  • Linda B.


  1. Hello, I’d like to come to the October 4th Sunday jam as a first time attendee and I want to make sure I bring the right music with me. Under downloads, is the “Society Songbooks” labeled songbook v1.1, dated 2009 the correct version? It also mentions the NVUS Jams Catalog; in the downloads section under jams, should I grab the “NVUS 4th Sunday Jams and Songs”? Thank you very much!

    • I’m sure you mean Oct 14. Best book is the Tall Oaks but you’ll need the Christmas or Holiday songbook for this coming Sunday. The jams catalog is more about songs that have been played at the Jams and Songs on 4th Sunday, in case members wanted a copy or just see what other members brought.

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