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Combined NVUS/NVUE Performance @ ViVA Vienna 2019

Date(s) - 05/26/2019
9:15 am - 11:30 am

Number of Attendees: 7

ViVa Vienna Memorial Day Festival

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Northern Virginia Ukulele Society (NVUS) is given the opportunity to perform again at the ViVA Vienna festival in… Vienna, VA. This festival is attended by several thousands of attendees, especially on the weekend. And yes, guess what? We are on the main stage, on the busiest day of the festival — Sunday, May 26. We are on early, but the busiest day!!!

This also means we have a site time (all present ready to go on stage) and a start/performance time, 10:00 am. Parking is an issue but we will have instructions. You must practice so we can get invited back again next year but let’s make sure we have fun this year, too!

More details forthcoming as we get them from the Festival Organizers.

Schedule (as we know/or estimate it to be)

Time Description
9:15 am Ready Time — be on site, ukulele tuned (be cognizant of performers that may be on the stage), song set books and stands ready (share as much as possible), follow instructions from Music Director, Moses Kamai, or his assistants (Christy Kinder, David Bartell, Jessica Suchecki, and Amy Devine — Deputy Music Director, and of the all section leads in the Ensemble)
9:45 am Stage Time — move onto stage and get set up (really pay attention to instructions — stress time for the coordinators and leadership — Moses will be taking cues from the Sound Engineer and Stage Manager)
10:00 am Perform
~10:45 am End Performance, take bows, take all gear and move quickly to designated side of stage, take cues from NVUE leadership — wait for Moses to get final instructions from Stage Manager and conduct our own review behind the main stage.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Number of Attendees: 7

  • Moses Kamai
  • Mary Kay Stine
  • Bob Gibson
  • Donna Cozart
  • Gwen
  • Rebecca Eng
  • Lynette


  1. Don’t forget, Society members bring your stands and song books — set list. You may not all be using your stands because you need to share and limit the # of books on stage.

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