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4th (act. 3rd) Sunday NVUS Ukulele Open Mic [Virtual & Live] (Dec 2022)

NVUS Uke Open Mic @ Ono
4th (act. 3rd) Sunday NVUS Ukulele Open Mic [Virtual & Live] (Dec 2022)


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Bookings closed


Ono Offshore
4515 Daly Drive, Suite N, Chantilly, VA, 20151

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PSA: Focus is on Open Mic but Holiday Party continues ’til pau [finished]. We are meeting in person now at Ono Brewing Co. Offshore until a change occurs. We will do the best that we can to do both Live and Virtual (Zoom) — focus will be on the LIVE. Same Zoom link as shown here for those Society members wishing to continue via Zoom. Otherwise, see you at Ono’s Offshore. Non-Society members can still participate via Facebook Live (if the technology behaves).

Attend smartly. We will not ask for your vax card, nor ask if you have been vaccinated. Respect others around you is all we ask. We can comfortably seat about 20-30 with social safe distancing (I think). There is a table in front of the leaders/teachers, please stay 6′ from that. We’ll give you as much space as we can.

NVUS Primer, Jams & Songs, and Open Mic for Society members will be conducted via Zoom using different Zoom ID links. Both Jams and Open Mic are also live and virtual (live stream). See each event on the Society calendar for details for other events (Primer, Jams).

ONLINE: Here is the link to attend and watch the open mic on Facebook Live on the NVUS Facebook page — please RSVP whether attending or performing: (click here).

NVUS Primer’s and Jams & Society Members [Live]: At Ono’s, Offshore, bring chairs, stands, and books.

Zoom (must be signed into your Zoom App account before clicking link, pass code encoded link): [for this event only, this is 4th Sun Jams Zoom Link]

Facebook Channel: To Be Posted

Performers must be live for this open mic.

A Northern Virginia Ukulele Society (NVUS) monthly hosted meeting where Society members and the public ukulele aficionados can excel!

All instruments welcome but the ukulele must be present and played!

Since this is your home turf, it affords Society members to practice being on a stage as a soloist, duo/duet, trio, or larger. Preference is less than 5 because of stage size. BUT… NVUS Beginner’s are encouraged to sign up — if you like to get feedback (stage coaching), let the NVUS MC know.  They will alert the advanced or performers in the line up to assist in “stage coaching.

Even if you don’t want to perform, come hear your fellow members who do brave the stage. Encourage them or stay to learn what they do to be on stage, how they have arranged their music for performance, and the tools they use to help embellish the song.

At this ukulele open mic, you can count on the standard co-hosts, Moses K. and David B. Occasionally we may have other Society members host as the month’s MC.  We’ll even back you on request as long as we have your lead sheet (chord sheet) ahead of time (usually at least a week).

NVUS Open Mic Rules:

  • Three (3) songs or 10 minute limit per signed up set.
  • Multiple sign ups are allowed if time permits.  We have a hard stop at 6PM.
  • Sign up sheet will generally be on the society table (usually near the front).  Please keep this table clear for the Society leaders, sound engineer, or MC.
  • NVUS Open Mic MC or host will arrange the line up — check to order board to see when you perform in the line up.  Generally, the stack is beginners first and advanced or performers last.  If the Ensemble performs, they will open the open mic.
  • NVUS Open Mic MC will introduce you or your group. The name of the person or group will be introduced when they are ready to play.  Performers should always announce their songs.
  • Music stands, stools, and mikes will be available. Mic’s will be for vocals (of course)… unless its an ukulele instrumental solo (no singing). So sing if you like, or not.

Let’s Have some Fun!  Enjoy the Music and Camaraderie!

History of NVUS Open Mic

Northern Virginia Ukulele Society (NVUS – pun pronunciation is to say eNVy-US) started the monthly ukulele open mic at Creme Café more than 13 years ago (Jun 2009) and at Café Montmartre for more than 10 years (Oct 2010). Now, the open mic is held at Ono Brewing Company since Jan 2019, a gracious sponsor. Even with the COVID Pandemic of 2019-2021, the Society has had mix of virtual and live. Ono Brewing Company provides us space for ukers who want to get up on our makeshift stage and sit in front of a mic to sing a few tunes while playing their ukulele. The monthly ukulele open mic is open to the general public and starts at 4pm – all instruments welcome as long as they accompany or have ukulele’s included in their songs. So, bring on your songs!


RSVPs are closed for this event.

Members who are attending/attended this meeting:
  • Moses Kamai
  • Theresa Derr
  • Gary Haskins
  • David Bartell
  • Marietta Phillips
  • Catherine Miranda

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