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NVUS ViVa Vienna Performance

NVUS ViVa Vienna Performance


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Bookings closed


ViVa Vienna Memorial Day Festival
245 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA, 22180

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Based on a sizeable response given the general size of attendance at the regular Society meetings, we are heartened that 23 Society members have decided to support or possibly support this performance. We expect more members to decide over the next few days (as of: midnight Apr 25, 2018). Out of ~50 plus Society members who responded, THANK YOU!

What are we asked to do?

We were recently asked to perform at the ViVa! Vienna! Memorial Day Festival. What an honor to be asked by the organizers, Rotary Club of Vienna, VA. We are already listed: List of Entertainment for Sunday, May 27 at 1PM (scroll down to Sunday, Lawyer’s Road Stage).

Supporting the Festival supports the Rotary Club of Vienna in their fund raising for charitable, educational, and community groups.


Date/Time: May 27, Sunday at 1 PM
Location: Lawyer’s Road Stage (Lawyer’s Road / Church Street intersection)
Onsite Time: 12:30 PM near stage — Find Moses or Christy
Stage Time: 1:00 PM
Parking and Shuttle Services: ViVa Vienna Parking Information – please plan sufficient time to get to the staging area.  Best is Bank of America – 235 Maple Ave W – Parking AFTER bank closes on Saturday – but count on it being crowded; plan LOTS of time to park and walk or shuttle to Festival.
Festival Map: ViVa Vienna Location Information / ViVa Vienna Activities Map

What do we wear?

  • Best Aloha wear
  • If you are a Society Ensemble, expect to wear your performance Aloha wear (Red Ka Pua shirt with white pants, unless you’re wearing the skirt/dress).
  • If you don’t have Aloha wear (Any kind Aloha shirt, Email Society with your size (men’s size). Moses has a few from his old gig’ing days — they are Blue)

What do we play?

Set list to be published soon.

Preliminary Set List:

  • Fox on the Run (first song)
  • Beautiful Kauai (with solo’s)
  • Molokai Slide (or something similar)
  • Island Medley (short version for NVUS — all 3 choruses and Island Style, maybe Hele on to Kauai)
  • Shady Grove
  • Kaulana O Kawaihae
  • 1-3 2-chord Sing-along songs, like He’s got the Whole Word, Wheels on the Bus, and what else? — this is confirmed.
  • Sweet Wahine (last song)


RSVPs are closed for this event.

Members who are attending/attended this meeting:
  • Quang Tran
  • Sandy O'Shea
  • Lynette
  • Joyce Doyle
  • Moses Kamai
  • Kevin Hearle
  • David Bartell
  • Francis Luong
  • Rivkah Bryk
  • Jessica Suchecki
  • Annette Delgado
  • Cynthia Hull
  • Rebecca Eng
  • Christy Kinder
  • Paul Bigelman
  • Jennifer Thompson


    • Music stands yes — there is limited space so paring up with someone will be important — I will have my big stand and banner with me. Those who I hope to do solos (you, Franco, Sandy, Kevin H., and Brian O.) need to bring cables for your instruments, in addition to Christy who will help keep rhythm.

      If you’re not on a DI but have a solo, I’m going to try to get one of the available vocal mics to be adjusted as a solo instrument mic.

      I also need all Ensemble members to remember and be in uniform — white pants (or something close to it) and your ka pua red shirts. The rest of the Society in any form of aloha wear is fine.

      Remember this is about having fun, being as good as you can be (strumming and vocals) and getting as many on the stage as possible and take music direction from me. Especially during the sing alongs — any Ensemble member who is hooked up to a DI, please don’t unhook to go out into the crowd to help. Do expect other Ensemble members to help with Fadd9 and C7 chords — both are 1-finger chords.

  1. Sorry but need to cancel out at last minute. Recovering from a bad sprain and can not walk or stand for any length of time. Will try to limp into sessions at Lake Anne.


    This is the final set list:

    1) Fox on the Run (first song)
    2) Beautiful Kauai (Society version with solo’s – Sandy, Kevin H.)
    3) Shady Grove (solo – Moses/David)
    4) Kaulana O Kawaihae
    5) Molokai Slide (crowd echo along with Society)
    Sing along songs (all in key of F – 1 finger, 2 chords Fadd9 and C7):
    * He’s got the Whole Word
    * Banana Boat Song [children’s version]
    * [if there’s time – Deep in the Heart of Virginia
    Sweet Wahine (last song – solo’s all who can)

    All songs are in the Tall Oaks song book except the sing alongs. They are in the Files | NVUS Files | Songbooks folder

    • There will be 1 modification to the set list. Old MacDonald is actually a 3 chord song and doesn’t fit the mold for this event. Almost ready to post the lead sheets for “He’s got the whole world in his hands”

    • This is the final set list:

      Preliminary Set List:
      Fox on the Run (first song)
      Beautiful Kauai (Society version with solo’s – Sandy, Kevin H.)
      Shady Grove (solo – Moses)
      Kaulana O Kawaihae
      Molokai Slide (crowd echo along with Society)
      Sing along songs (all in key of F – 1 finger, 2 chords Fadd9 and C7):
      * He’s got the Whole Word
      * Old MacDonald on a Farm
      Sweet Wahine (last song – solo’s all who can)

  3. FYI – moses – event is showing as “fully booked”. Not sure a cap applies to this one.

    • sorry about that… configuration error on the event set up. Fixed.

      All, keep the RSVP’s coming whether performing or watching. Bring ukes anyways for the sing-along!

    • I will go over the set list at the next NVUE rehearsal, after we wrap up the two new songs; and David should be covering all of the songs with the rest of the Society at the May 20 Primer and Group Lesson meetings.

      3 of the songs are NVUS Signature Songs, 2 we routinely do at jams (Fox on the Run, Shady Grove), and 1 we regularly do when Terry D. attends (her favorite song).

      I believe we have videos of all of these songs on our YouTube Channel, including Island Style medley. I think we only need to share the Hui example the Society.

  4. We welcome any and all Society members, but do please RSVP. We got ~50 responses out of supposedly 188 Society members who were emailed directly. Of those 50, 26 Society members (of which 8 are Ensemble members) have said Yes or Maybe. If you noticed the tag on the link where they mention us as scheduled on their Lawyers Road Stage, ‘how many can we get on this stage.’

    In case you’re worried, if you can play the “Z” chord in straight 4’s — your golden and should come out!!!

    David Bartell, assisted by Sandy O’Shea, will also go over the set list.

    Last comment for now — 1-3 2-chord sing-along songs will be added. ViVa Vienna is looking to see to how to get the word out for the crowd to bring their uke’s out for this part.

    See you all soon.

    • Terry, can you add a picture of yourself or what ever is your favorite picture as your avatar on our site?

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