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Tribute on the Glen

Tribute on the Glen


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed


Tribute at the Glen
4151 Old Bridge Rd, Woodbridge, Virginia, 22192

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Need something new? Want something satisfying? Want to make people happy?

Join your Ukulele Society to play for a wonderful group of Seniors who can’t wait to enjoy the upbeat sounds of your ukulele! No experience necessary!!

Tribute on the Glen is a regular outreach community service performance at a local Adult Assisted Facility/Senior Center.  It also turns out that one of the members father is living there — The Owsenek’s (Amy and Brian).

Details are forthcoming other than…
What: a stirring one hour performance at ‘Tribute at the Glen’
Where: 4151 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192
When: Saturday. February 23rd, 2:30 – 3:30 PM (could potentially be a little longer — planning on about an hour and 30 min from start to final departure)

NVUS (The Society) will perform first 30-40 min with our most popular set list of tunes to be published by our Director of Programs, Paul Bigelman.  NVUE (The Society’s Ensemble) will perform right after for about 30 min or so.

Come out and use this as a warm up session for ViVA Vienna performance at the end of May.

NVUS Set List for Tribute on the Glen
February 23, 2019
2;30PM – 4:00PM




Intro: We Will, We Will Rock You



When the Saints go Marching In

Tall Oaks


Rhythm of the Rain

Song and Jam



Tall Oaks


Beautiful Kauai

Tall Oaks


Edelweiss [S4 or S8, all, Men 1st 2 lines, Women 2nd 2]

Song and Jam


My Little Grass Shack [2 keys, normal speed, then fast]

Tall Oaks


Under the Boardwalk [Moses instr. Intro and outtro]

Tall Oaks


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Tall Oaks


Five Foot Two [with kazoos]

Song and Jam


All My Loving

Song and Jam


Sweet Wahine [jointly with NVUE at end of show]

Tall Oaks



Encore Selection




Hey, Good Lookin’

Tall Oaks


Take Me Home, Country Roads (West Makaha)

Tall Oaks



RSVPs are closed for this event.

Members who are attending/attended this meeting:
  • Moses Kamai
  • Jeffrey Bliss
  • Denise Geyer
  • Larry and Linda Burke
  • Bob Gibson
  • Joyce Doyle
  • David Bartell


  1. Updated set list for Saturday, 23 Feb performance at Tribute at the Glen — also posted to the files folder: NVUS Jams Catalog

  2. Set list is going to get a little simpler… Make sure you have both books to the Primer and Group Lessons on Feb 17 (today).

  3. Come to this weekend’s Primer and Group Lesson. We will be reviewing/teaching all of the songs on this set list as the lesson. Bring music (books and extra pages from jams folders)

  4. My bad… it’s Feb 23 as mentioned in the newsletter updating this event. Just forgot to update the calendar event. And now FIXED — mea culpa!

    • Ok. I did not receive the newsletter. ¿Su culpa tambien? Lol

  5. Any update on this event?

  6. I don’t see a session on Feb. 10.

    • It’s been moved to Feb 17 at our sponsor’s request. Sorry for the inconvenience. I may move, if we can, that Tribute at the Glen to the next Saturday because I just forgot the meeting date change… thank you for helping me trigger sane memory ingrams.

      • No inconvenience at all .. just didn’t want to miss the practice. Thank you, Moses.

  7. Set list posted. Will be reviewed and practiced at NVUS Group Lessons on Feb 10. Remember all songs have an INTRO, THE SONG, and OUTRO. Main thing is to watch and follow the leader.

    My preference for an encore for the Society is performing first followed by the Society’s Ensemble. Might save Sweet Wahine for the last song as a combined performance at the end.

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