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Jake Concert at The Birchmere and Pre-Show Jams X

Jake Concert at The Birchmere and Pre-Show Jams X


2:45 pm - 10:00 pm


Bookings closed


Birchmere Music Hall
3701 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA

Event Type

Northern Virginia Ukulele Society (NVUS) outing at The Birchmere

Summary Notes:

  • 2:45-4:45 pm.  Come join the NVUS Tailgate (yes a work day). Potluck style.
  • Main Doors open: 5 pm
  • Concert Hall Doors open: 6 pm
  • Concert starts: ~7:30 pm
  • Volunteers Needed:
    1. Line Volunteers: 5-6 volunteers to arrive no later than 3:30pm at the Birchmere!  The 5-6 Line Volunteers escort ~9 other Society members into the concert hall.  Only way to sit together as a group.
    2. Song leaders: Want to be up front for a song?  Come lead a short simple tune during the open jams.  Remember no lead sheets. Easy jam songs that can be done in 2 to 3 chords.  Even Moses will lead a tune or two using 1-finger chords.  Arrive NLT 5 pm.

Yep, This is the 10th time, over the 9 years in a row, that we’ve attended as a club and led jams before the main dining hall doors open. Group tickets generally go fast and are immediately available. RSVP even if you got your tickets elsewhere.

See ticket details at this link: // (click here)
Additional information on Facebook: // (click here)

Jams are completely open, very unplugged except for the leader leading a song or songs. We really try to keep it simple known songs so you can participate with just your uke and play by ear — 2 and 3 chord songs, unless it’s something like the do wop — ice cream parlor pattern (progression — hope you can sing in C or F — progression: C — Am — F — G7, simple fingering style).  Come prepared with a limerick that would go with “Drunken Sailor” and we can have even more fun!  (this is a 2-chord song — Moses leads with Am – G).

Come join us and then attend the concert. Jake Shimabukuro​ is always a fantastic ukulele artist to listen and watch. Better when live!

So – want to get tickets independently?  Will cost more since you have to pay the convenience fees: // (click here)


RSVPs are closed for this event.

Members who are attending/attended this meeting:
  • Moses Kamai
  • Shima Vosti
  • Pat Good
  • Rudi rudolph


  1. Moses, my dauther and I want tickets to Jakes concert. Will see you this afternoon and the Cafe in Reston.
    Pat Good

  2. New 2019 Comments!!!!

    Need volunteers for 1) arriving early to help get seating tix (normally there are at least 50 members and guests, thus need at least 5 volunteers, and 2) help with jams from main door opening to 15 before concert hall opening.

  3. My apologies to everyone who stayed last night for the group picture. Something was goofy on my fancy DSLR camera last night and they are all blurry. I will post them on our photo album (once I get that operational).

  4. Know of any 1 and 2 chord songs; and going to the concert? Come on out for the preshow jam.

  5. Fixed a faux pas – Strathmore vs Birchmere on the description above. Also, coined a new word – Uke-da (derived from the word Yoda)…

  6. Do you still need vlolunters for the event…

    • I do. How many 1 and 2 chord songs can you sing and lead in key? I’ll be sending a message out today to get a count of how many members bought tickets separately and not through the club.

  7. I had purchased my ticket online… looking forward to the concert..

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