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2nd Sunday NVUS Primer (Jan Winter Schedule)

2nd Sunday NVUS Primer (Jan Winter Schedule)


3:15 pm - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed


Cafe Montmartre
Lake Anne Village Center, 1625 Washington Plaza N, Reston, VA, 20190

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Description: This Society meeting is a primer for our Society’s beginners. It may sometimes seems daunting to the very novice, but hang in there. Lots of help is all around you. While there is always a main Society instructor on the stage, there are other more advanced Society members to help the main instructor.  Moses Kamai is the main Society instructor who has David Bartell, Christy Kinder, Larry Burke, Jessica Suchecki, and others help and sometimes lead lessons. Any one of the these may lead this Society meeting.  When available, they will also help those attending this session practice the signature songs using these basic chords. It will start 45 min before any of our main scheduled meetings (e.g. 2nd Sunday NVUS Group Lessons or 4th Sunday NVUS Jams).

Suggested readings:

  • Lesson Package 01: at a minimum (click here).
  • Lesson Packages 02 and 03: these basically are the same as 01 but in the keys of F and G, respectively (click here for lesson 2 and here for lesson 3)
  • Strums and Rhythms cheat sheets [basically any cheat sheet or primer in the File Folder – Lesson Pamphlets, Booklets, and Sheets are useful for a Primer: –> click here]
  • NVUS Songbook Chord (progression) [basically a songbook crib sheet of chords — still need a chord chart or chord book if you don’t know the chords — best is to look at your other Society member’s hands and maybe ask them later:  To go to the folder click here]

General Agenda:

  • Scales: See the Lesson Packages which have scales C, F, and G as part of the lesson.
  • Basic major and 7th chords: used many of the jams songs, but in all of our signature songs, and practice exercises.  (TBP – to be published)
  • Chorded Scales: In the key of C – C, G7, C, F, C5, F, G7, C representing the harmony (chords) for the notes sung as do, re, mi, fa, and so on.   (See the Lesson Packages which have scales C, F, and G as part of the lesson)
  • Harmonized Chorded Scales: In the key of C – C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim, C representing the harmony (chords) for the scale notes. (See the Lesson Packages which have scales C, F, and G as part of the lesson)


RSVPs are closed for this event.

Members who are attending/attended this meeting:
  • Mary Kay Stine
  • David Bartell
  • zoja senic-estey


  1. Sorry, folks, but I’m calling it. CANCELLING due to snow and forecast. We have 5 inches and still snowing in the Dulles area, with a winter storm warning in effect until this evening. Some roads not plowed, temperatures below freezing. Following Fairfax County advisories.

    Perfect weather for playing ukulele in the comfort of your igloo!

    • Are there any specific songs that we should be practicing?

      • It would be a good idea to practice strumming straight 8’s (S8) to a 6/8 time signature (1-2-3-4-5-6- OR 2 times 3 count realizing it’s still supposed to be 6/8 time signature (1-2-3-1-2-3-). [note: don’t count the &’s]

        One of the things you’ll notice is that on the back half (4-5-6- OR THE last half of 1-2-3-), you start with an up strum on the 4 (or the (2nd “1”).

        This is the strum for “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” [this song is really a 3/4 timed song but if you count like it’s a double 3/4 or 6/8 time strum — it helps you change chords on time — also works for any 3/4 irish songs… hint, hint — Feb 17th coming up]

  2. If there is snow, I will not be attending but I’ll be practicing at home where it is warm and cozy. lol

    • If there is snow and it is called, David who is leading the meeting this month, will post a message here and our FB page. Please watch either. I’ll be out of country and possibly out of wifi range. If I am in range and see his post. I might — emphasize might — be able to fire off a newsletter too.

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